Aptimore is a web-based learning platform that combines assessment, development, training, coaching and psychology to create a scalable way for organisations to develop their people’s skills in emotional intelligence, collaboration, management and leadership.

Aptimore’s programme teaches collaboration, emotional intelligence, management and leadership.  Learners start with the basics, then build up to more complex skills. Each one of the 19 units builds the learner’s EQ.

Aptimore is optimised for mobile devices as well as laptops and PCs. It is made up of bite sized units of 10-25 minutes so it is ideal for the busy executive to dip in and out when commuting or between meetings so as not to affect the productivity of your senior leaders.
Aptimore is tailored for each individual:
•    Each person’s programme is determined by their personality, style and preferences and the choices they make along the way
•    People choose their own pathway through the programme, unlocking more complex units as they progress
•    Feedback adjusts depending on a range of factors, including an individual’s experience level
•    Development options are tailored to the person’s personality, preferences, performance and reactions
Aptimore’s highly interactive approach keeps learners engaged and builds interpersonal judgment; personalisation ensures that learners gain insight into themselves and know the steps to take to improve.

One of the great benefits of Aptimore is its ability to build a personal development plan as the learner goes through the modules:
•    Each person has ownership of their own feedback and report
•    They can decide how much they want to share with others and what they want to keep private
•    Learners can create versions of their report for sharing, hiding anything they feel is too sensitive
•    This ensures that they can confidently be honest with themselves as they go through the programme
•    Learners can work with a trusted colleague, coach, mentor or trainer to reflect on the findings in the report and discuss the priorities emerging from the report
Who is Aptimore aimed for?
Aptimore is ideal for a number of different roles within the organisation due to the complex algorithms that link the individuals needs and personality traits with quality leadership learning. Here are just three examples:

Which situations can Aptimore help improve your business?
Aptimore is a great addition to a learning strategy with its flexibility and scalability of being able to purchase the number of licences you actually need and not a blanket enterprise agreement. Here are some examples:

Aptimore is also great as part of a blended approach with learners coming together for action learning sets which can be facilitated internally or by tap’d Solutions.

So how much does it cost?

Aptimore comes as a unit price as outlined below. For organisations who are considering this solution as part of a larger enterprise initiative please contact us for a separate quote:

At tap’d we think this is a great learning solution for 2016 and getting our senior people to blend work and home life with also developing themselves for future growth. Call us to have a chat about this and other great learning solutions.