Coaching, Consulting and our Philosophy

Behind all the products and cloud technology that Tap'd offers is what makes us different to everyone else: our people and their experience. Tap'd Solutions was built by HR Professionals and not IT developers. We used our experiences and learning in real HR jobs to understand what types of technology would step change the impact of HR and we sought it out in the busy marketplace and bring the best to you. We then entwine these technologies with our coaching and consultancy so you can be confident you will maximise the benefit that these technologies can bring to you and your organisation.

Here are a few ways our expertise can support you and your organisation:

Executive Coaching

At Tap'd we are both experienced coaches and people who have sourced coaching in the past within organisations. We know how many coaches are out there selling themselves in similar ways. So who do you use when there are so many?

At Tap'd we offer our core team as coaches but also have access to a wider coaching associate network who we have personally used or seen in action in the past. Coaches have different styles and it is important, more than anything, that the chemistry works between the coach and the coachee. We know that coaching is a premium product used when results are needed quickly and you need confidence that you are choosing the right coach.

This is why Tap'd has Executive Coaching as a core offer. We take the effort of sourcing the right coach from our team and close associate network, based on your requirements, allowing you to concentrate on delivering your key objectives.

Analytics Consulting

The biggest thing to hit the HR and People agendas in organisations in the next 5 years is and will be Analytics. The biggest challenge we see in HR teams is where to start and what will this look like in the future? 

We use our "People Analytics Adoption" cycle to help you commence on this journey answering together questions like:

  • What is it that Analytics can do for my organisation and my people?
  • What are the "killer" questions I need answering?
  • What data do I need and/or what data is a nice to have?
  • How can I adopt Analytics using existing budget constraints and controls?

The power of Analytics is to bring together often separate people data and testing hypotheses against the data - i.e. asking it a question. We have found that supporting organisations think through this process to get to the underlying people dynamics, and therefore the most powerful questions, gives HR Leaders to real step up into the world of real HR Analytics, giving you more than just metrics.

Engagement Consulting

The landscape of People Engagement is entering into a period of fast change (an interesting blog here). Driven by connectivity, smart devices and online media, people's expectation of giving and getting feedback is radically changing. We are asked for feedback from retail websites, to your energy supplier, to news organisations yet the danger is our workplace only asks once per year. The employer is in danger of being seen as outdated and not caring. There needs to be an urgent transition towards "continuous dialogue".

Tap'd can work with you to adopt the right level of employee engagement what you and your people need. From the robust survey with psychometric norms to pulse surveying on identified areas of concern to organising quick polls to see how your people are feeling today - the most important thing is getting the balance right and the journey to move from the here and now to the world on "continuous dialogue". And, of course, what technology can get you to do that faster.

Finally, how you can analyse your insight and turn it into real change in your organisation? Feedback without positive change can be a demotivator.

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Our Philosophy and Approach

Behind our consultancy is an approach based on research and experience. The HR Maturity Canvas allows HR Professionals and People Leaders to work using a common language with Tap'd to map out where their organisation currently is in the areas of:

  • Talent Acquisition
  • Learning
  • Talent Development
  • Reward
  • Engagement
  • People Analytics

Through asking some powerful questions together we can design where the business needs to be, rather than idealises itself to ensure it focuses on the right people strategies to bring success. This robust process is a key differentiator from Tap'd Solutions allowing you, as the customer, to visualise the path that needs to be followed and creating the backbone to engaging dialogue to support your people through this change.