How can you ensure learning from the Executive Development your leaders attend delivers real impact in your organisation?

Executive Development Programmes (EDPs) have gained popularity over the years, with rising numbers of organisations sending participants on various courses every year.  These premium courses contain qualified, evidence based business insight that can give your organisation the leading edge. Yet so much is lost between the executive classroom and embedding strategic change into your business to yield the required results.

What if there was a way to combine leading business school thinking with engaging results-orientated activities to maximise impact in your organisation?

Introducing Ideas into Impact...

Ideas for Leaders, experts in bringing you the latest business school thinking, have partnered with tap’d Solutions to combine their Ideas for Leaders portal of accessible and actionable ideas from over 50 top business schools with executive and leadership facilitator professionals.

For most businesses today, success comes from great execution – and that means getting your people performing optimally. The cutting-edge research distilled by Ideas for Leaders provides world-class content to catalyse thinking and discussions which combined with the hands-on facilitation brought by tap’d Solutions’ former HRD and LDD consultants makes Ideas into Impact a unique solution that can create positive change quickly across your organization. Providing business school level engagement in accessible and affordable sessions.

Different stakeholders, different agendas…

•    CEOs are focused on improving performance and crave external insights and thinking from best in class companies and research that actually make a difference in their business – as opposed to being left at the business school.
•    C-HROs are committed to developing tomorrow’s senior leadership, investing in their development to ensure they retain the best talent, grow capability and deliver high quality succession to the critical roles in the business.
•    Talent & Organisational Development Leaders want to deliver exceptional development content, with the maximum “reach” and optimum cost per learner.
•    The Leaders themselves often lack the time for executive education. They want relevant content, the opportunity to learn with like-minded people and interventions delivered in a way that work alongside their time constraints and supports their own objectives.

Why Ideas Into Impact:

•    Real Business Outcomes - A custom programme of strategic facilitation, face-to-face and remote coaching, built around your organisational needs and level of investment.
•    Expert Led – Prepared, delivered and supported by experts in their fields, underpinned by relevant, latest evidence backed business thinking.
•    Thought Leadership - Interventions built on “Ideas for Leaders” – best in class insights from over 50 of the world’s best business schools, aligned to your business strategy and goals.
•    Cascadable Content - Full access to the “Ideas for Leaders” portal for 500 users that can work within your LMS – continually updated with the latest research and business insight, with support for internal communications and your learning team.

Our Core Team:

Andi Roberts:

Specialisms:  Business Development & Sales, Leadership, People Strategy, Coaching, Psychometric

Sector Experience:  Manufacturing, Banking, Global Outsourcing, Technology

Anthony Ryland:  

Specialisms:  Leadership, People Strategy, Coaching, Learning & Development, Talent, Psychometrics

Sector Experience:  Retail, Consumer Electronics, Technology, Distribution, Global Outsourcing

Shaun Conning:

Specialisms:  Leadership, Coaching, People Strategy, Retail Operations, Commercial

Sector Experience:  Retail, Hospitality, Facilities Management, Sports Media, Executive Search

In addition, for customised assignments, we have access to a number of senior functional experts and former board directors with FTSE 100 experience across a number of disciplines including:-

•    COO & Operations
•    Commercial Strategy
•    Finance & Corporate Governance

So how does Ideas Into Impact work?

Two Example Programmes:

Let us help get you started...

For a limited period, Ideas Into Impact offers to conduct a review with you into your executive and leadership needs to accelerate your business. Key components are:

A Stakeholder meeting to fully understand:

  • Your current and future business challenges and opportunities
  • Identify potential requirements and underlying themes

Preparation of a report to include:

  • A summary of insight gained about underlying organisation needs and potential blockers to success
  • A fully worked through proposal on how Ideas Into Impact could support your Development and Business Strategy
  • Business school thinking from “Ideas for Leaders” that are aligned to your business needs and objectives

This report can be retained and used by the organisation if Ideas Into Impact is not engaged by the business.