People Analytics is not about Dashboards

HR Reporting is an essential task that focuses on relaying key HR metrics to both HR and business stakeholders. It is about structuring your data and reporting on what has happened in the past.

Whilst reporting is valuable - People analytics is the hot technology that is putting HR at the heart of driving improved business strategies.  Strategies with Better People Decisions at their heart.  Using People Analytics provides HR leaders not only with fresh insights but also the proof needed to “storytell” these insights to senior executives backed by evidential data.

People analytics is future-focused - facilitating Better People Decisions that drive transformational business value.

Getting Started with People Analytics – The Tap’d Way

Tap’d Solutions have developed a two stage approach to structure and optimise your People Analytics journey.  Our approach has come from our HR practitioners perspective.  We blend learning and development, that leads to self sufficientcy - with project delivery that yields fast results.

Embarking on your People Analytics Journey”

With People Analytics, just like sportsmen and women, the time you put into preparation ultimately leads to greater success. This short project gets you thinking about what your business needs to achieve, the people aspects of this future success and what, as an HR function, you need to do and think about to be ready for People Analytics.

By the end of this mini project - will have clarity on your business needs, have identified your hypothesis and questions that need answering and have identified what data is critical to a successful outcome. We end the project with a joint a data review exercise - to clarify where you can source the critical data need for the hypothesis outlined.

** This short project is a great introduction to People Analytics and is also often used as a discovery and skills mapping session to understand what’s involved in such a project.

“Insight from Analytics within 3 months!”

Reconvening after the data review, this first main project is about using the Watson analytics tooling on real business problems.  During this work you will explore, form, test and validate key hypothesis - with a goal of generating key business insight.   We work with you so you can feel confident in operating the analytics software yourself, practicing the art of mining your data through a user-friendly open question interface.  We will show you how to story tell the insights that you find.

Our goal is to partner with you - so that you and your team quickly learn techniques and a structured approach to get the most out of your Analytics tool including:

  • Getting comfortable in interrogating your data
  • Using the predictive analytics functionality to understand how to replicate future success more often
  • Understanding how to create powerful real-time adaptive presentations for your senior stakeholders

At the end of this three month project, we expect that you will have uncovered and communicated some key business insight.  We also expect that you will have a platform for further engagement and adoption of People Analytics to Make Better People Decisions in your business.

Return on Investment

There can be hesitancy in starting your People Analytics journey. The graph below demonstrates that there is a business commitment needed to learn, understand and prepare for People Analytics. Once this is achieved the level of insight gained increases dramatically, with analytics effort dropping as this becomes part of the skill set of the modern HR professional.   The Tap'd “Embarking on Your People Analytics Journey” offering helps you through this productivity curve - giving you a fast track to business value.

The Return on Investment for People Analytics - when done properly - is significant.  Let Tap’d be your People Analytics partner - uncovering what can be achieved through Better People Decision in your business.