At tap'd Solutions we believe that it all starts with getting the right people. Without the right raw talent in your business you cannot build the right culture in your business that will give you the success and results that you strive for. From attracting the right candidates, recruiting them, selecting the best talent and onboarding successfully, this all takes effective planning, implementing and maintaining to be best in class in your competitive environment.

We support organisations delivering their Talent Acquisition strategy - identifying opportunities to improve the candidate experience and ensuring you have the ability to make the right decisions around your resourcing decisions.

tap'd Solutions can help you optimise your Talent Acquisition strategy. We can:

  • Work with you to review your current talent acquisition strategy and support your organisation assess your current maturity using our "HR Maturity Canvas" and identify opportunities to work smarter and more effectively
  • Deliver and support IBM Kenexa’s industry-leading BrassRing applicant tracking, resourcing and onboarding solution
  • Support your organisation in identifying and executing the latest assessment techniques, working alongside our workforce science team at IBM Kenexa, tapping into their unrivalled expertise and product range