Bring your employee learning up to date

Everyone says that the world is changing at a faster and faster pace. Nowhere is this truer that in the learning space. Only 20 years ago families prized their shelf of red books called the Encyclopaedia Britannica. But then the internet came along. A bit ropey at first and then Wikipedia revolutionised web content. People started believing commentary on the internet.

Slowly organisations saw the world of learning was changing and have adopted intranets as a source of learning, encouraging the 70/20/10 approach by supplying employees with content so they can do self-directed learning and read up on new knowledge without attending structured courses.

But has it really caught on in your organisation? Is there really 90% of learning happening outside of structured learning? I expect not...

So why is this?

Well, back to the first comment. The world is changing. A couple of weeks ago the Rugby World Cup was starting. I wanted to remind myself of the key rules before I watched it. I googled this and found many useful sites with long written explanations, my favourite being the 207 page guide from World Rugby. But I was not looking for this. Instantly I touched "videos" at the top and was welcomed with a list of 4-minute videos to watch. Quick, to the point, informative and interesting to watch.

Reading is so 2014! 

So why are we not enhancing video in work and keeping up with real life learning trends? The technology is there. IBM Kenexa's Social Learning is an example. Watch the content that can be uploaded in many formats including video from your phone, ask an expert in real time about the video as you watch it. Tag the video and add comments for other users to see...

The most effective way to get your employees to learn is to replicate the way they learn outside of work and bring it inside.

Ask us at tap'd Solutions about how the working world is changing and how effective use of technology can revolutionise your employees experiences.