Retail Insight by IBM Watson Analytics on Black Friday 2015

In recent years IBM have used their Watson Analytics product to review the retail activity for Black Friday. This phenomenon is not as big in the UK but gives some really great insight into the changing habits of customers as online purchasing becomes more mainstream.  One piece of interesting insight for retail marketers is that the % of mobile traffic increase is outstripping the rate of increase of % mobile sales. In other words, retail websites are still places for window shopping more than sales.

Impact for Retail HR? Focus on great purchasing customer service as decision making is often done before the customer walks through the door, reducing the number of product advisors on the shopfloor. Concentrate on giving the customer comparative detail on the shelf edge. Great purchasing service will get you thatcustomer back on the High Street next year.

Watson Analytics also powers IBM Kenexa's Talent Insights, the cognitive and predictive analytics tool for HR professionals.

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