It’s more than Millennials…

Millennials. Beware. They are coming!

There is a lot of focus on the emergence into the workplace of millennials. It is eyecatching. Always makes a good story. It’s probably why you are reading this sentence now.

But what about the other 90% of the workforce. And by pigeon-holing our views of millennials and non-millennials isn’t this bordering on stereotyping and a slap in the face to our diversity policies?

I am concerned that there are many people out there over 20 who would love to get access to some of the activities being drawn up purely for our graduate and school leaver populations. In the accompanying video I introduce two terms used in the tech industries:

1)        Early Adopters – Those who, when new technologies come out, will be the first to seek it out and use it (and I don’t mean those in the queue for the latest micro-evolution of the iPhone). The first tablets, smartwatches, remote control of heating for your home, etc..

2)      YMCs (Young Minded Consumers) – People who naturally embrace a change in their cultural habits that impact on the way we interact with the world. Using new social technologies, challenging the way we have done things before, seeing technology as an adventure.

My concern is that we need to allow all of our people to access all types of learning. Recently I introduced a Graduate Programme in a large corporate and in the induction week a key element was a big lever arch file with first day info and a place to store things. Numerous people declared that “we can’t give this to a millennial!” yet at the end of week 1 of their careers at least 3 of them had said in the feedback session that the folder was a great resource. (They all also had tablets and phones which they could have used instead).

Get more insight from other observations in the accompanying video.

Remember that diversity is offering the same opportunity to ALL, no matter what their appearance is, it is about who they are that matters. Share your opportunities to everyone in your organisation.   J

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Anthony Ryland

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