2 Key Areas for HR where Technology is Driving the Fastest Change

As my colleague Shaun Conning says on the accompanying video to this blog: “The world is changing”. We hear this a lot but technology is driving change faster in some places than others. Those of you catching taxis will know how fast Uber has shaken the market up in only 2 years.

So, what areas could senior HR professionals be looking at where change is at its fastest? Here are two that Shaun talks about in his video blog:

1) Engagement: The way we measure employee engagement is on the brink of major change. It centres around thinking of employee engagement as a marketing function. Marketing do not ask the customer once a year how they are feeling. That seems antiquated in 2015. Yet look at our employee surveys.

Technology is emerging in 2015 and will be mainstream in 2016 that will allow you to treat survey as almost a Vox Pop, doing tactical surveys as and when you want to with analytics knitting it all together into insight just when you need it.

In addition, social media sentiment can now be utilised for positive and negative sentiment, both internally and externally. We do not grasp this opportunity as HR professionals to engage our people, but are quite happy for Glass Door to do it for us. Let’s take the initiative of the social revolution to be first to engage and talk to our people.

2) Learning:  We all now know that video is replacing website search as the number one way to learn but how many of us have fully implemented a video-based learning solution at the core of our learning offering.

In addition, even as HR professionals, we are more likely to ask a question to a LinkedIn forum rather than ask the CIPD, ie the formal route. Yet in our organisations there is great opportunity to capture the same concept of learning communities, and the best bit is it is relatively cheap to set up, compared to the volume of learning that occurs, when it is done properly.

Shaun talks about his experiences further in the video blog. As a profession, HR is often overworked and full of highly experienced people. It is time for HR to put itself at the centre of emerging technology and truly engage our people just like the big brands do outside of the workplace, leading to more engagement and better results!

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Anthony Ryland

tap’d Solutions