Accelerating the Impact of HR Technology

2016 is going to be an interesting year for Human Resources. Technology applications in HR are growing in number more rapidly than before.

But this is a double-edged sword. On one hand it gives more choice to the HR decision maker, however more choice needs more time and effort to research in a function that usually has time pressures already and is possibly not “up to speed” with the technology industry.

In addition, all those sales calls from tech suppliers that disrupt your day so much that you now ignore them all by leaving on your answerphone so you can get you work done…

The HR tech wave is coming

But now tech is becoming so mainstream for HR it cannot be sidelined any more. From employee engagement pulse surveys, to cognitive web-based learning, to predictive analytics. The technology that has revolutionised the Marketing division is being deployed into the HR specialism. SaaS (Software as a Service or Cloud) is enabling HR leaders to quickly deploy new innovative technologies with less infrastructure and involvement from the IT division.

Yet what technology do you need for what parts of the HR function and in what priority? This is now becoming the big question for HRDs as the influx of HR technology on the market accelerates…

The Maturity Canvas

On the accompanying blog video, Shaun Conning talks about this predicament that HR is currently facing for 2016 and offers a possible solution of the HR Maturity Canvas. By breaking down HR into its component parts and analysing where it is on its tech maturity journey we can see a snapshot of an organisations current technology. Then through stakeholder interviews of business leaders within your organisation, HR tech priorities can be identified that will accelerate your HR function more quickly to its overall objectives.

2016 is going to be a great year for HR automation advancement. All of us, as employees, are grasping new technology outside of work and are desiring it more and more within our workplace. It is almost becoming a basic need of the psychological contract.

Are you ready?

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Anthony Ryland

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