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We ask for tips and advice in helping HR Teams start on their Analytics journey…

Welcome to our new series of blogs designed to help and inform the Human Resources function about HR Analytics and how technology can support your decision making. At tap’d Solutions we see numerous articles in the HR Tech space. What we are hoping to do is to support HR teams in understanding what practical steps they can do to move forward with technology in 2016.

We were lucky enough to interview Dave Millner, better known as the @HRCurator on Twitter, just before Christmas. In the coming weeks we will be sharing this video interview in bitesize chunks with practical tips on key “hot topics” for HR. The @HRCurator has over 7000 followers on Twitter and is a key source of HR and business insight.

This week, in our first blog, we asked the @HRCurator for some tips and advice on how HR Teams can get started on their Analytics journey. Watch the video and read the summary below:

What is Analytics?

Dave differentiated between Metrics and Analytics:

  • Metrics is about providing clear information and data to HR.
  • Analytics is gathering this information from different sources to INFORM decision making within and outside the HR function.

4 stages to consider when starting on your Analytics journey:

1)  Plan why you are doing it
Analytics is not a fad. Define what it is you want to do and what is it you want to achieve. Then focus on a quick win to demonstrate in a small way the value you can add by what you are doing.

2)  Formalise the approach
Make Analytics part of the way you work in your HR function. Include other stakeholders like Finance and Business Managers to obtain inputs and define value-add outputs.

3)  Grow the capability of HR to be confident with Analytics
Many of the HR team will need their skills enhanced to fully utilise the Analytics approach. Look to experts on data in your wider teams for help. Compensation and Benefits teams regularly use data for insight, as do the Finance team who frequently work with an analytical mindset.

4)  Continue the journey
Build strategies to keep the momentum going. Continually ask “What are the key business issues?” and “What are we trying to help our executives understand?”

I hope you liked our first blog in this series. The @HRCurator will be answering more key questions soon in future blogs. Follow these blogs and please comment at:

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