tap’d Meet Dave Millner, the @HRCurator – Interview Blog 5

Over the past 4 weeks Dave has shared his insight on key questions that HR are facing in 2016. This continues with our fifth interview blog with Dave. This time we asked a question to Dave based on all the conversations he has had with HRDs and CHROs recently:

Based on these conversations, where do you see the key priorities for HR Leaders in 2016?

Watch the video or read a summary below:

Dave distilled his conversations with HR Leaders into 3 areas that were common themes for 2016.

1)     The engaged, motivated, high performing workforce

For years this has been a key topic for HR leadership. One of the key areas of focus to improve engagement in 2016 is Retention. Dave posed the question “What is it we have to do to look after the employees so they feel connected, feel part of the organisation and what it’s trying to achieve?”

Recognition is a big part of answering that question. Reward is important and drives conversations, yet we know that organisations that have open and honest two way conversations with their employees are more successful with their retention strategies.

Recognition and reward are key to succeed in retention in 2016, especially as the aspiration of employees is “things are getting a little better. Maybe I should be getting a payrise”. Revisit your organisations psychological contract and ensure it is right for the workforce of 2016.

2)    The Relevance of HR:

The HR function is always getting bad press, unfairly in Dave’s opinion. Yet there are some elements it needs to address. HR needs to be a “credible, capable and commercial” HR function. We need to be demonstrating we can truly add value as a function to the wider organisations’ needs. Which brought Dave to his last key priority for HR in 2016:

3)    Technology and Analytics

Credible HR leaders are talking about this more than ever. The Analytics debate is important. It is not today’s fad. Analytics is a way of enabling and using technology so that we can demonstrate the relevance and the value that HR has always demonstrated but has had difficulty proving.

tap’d’s Opinion:  In our opinion these three areas that Dave Millner has highlighted as key discussions he has heard within the HR community are all connected by the word INSIGHT. To understand the motivators of your people to a granular level you need to get insight into what they are saying and thinking. This “sentiment” is the insight. Furthermore, HR can be more relevant and have more impact when it can demonstrate its understand of the people and directly show the business where financially new strategies can achieve the wider objectives. All this happens through Analytics.

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