tap’d Meet Dave Millner, the @HRCurator – Interview Blog 2

In recent years we have seen organisations invest more and more in Employee Engagement.

We asked the @HRCurator how he sees this evolving in the future?

Welcome back to our series of interview blogs when we met Dave Millner, the @HRCurator, over the Christmas period. This time we were asking Dave about what he sees as the future of Engagement.

Watch the video or read the summary below.

Dave rightly sees Employee Engagement as an important priority for HR Leaders and how engagement only happens when not only the employee values the organisation but also when the organisation openly values the employee. Only then do you get the improved performance, motivation and extra productivity.

The key question for Dave was “How do organisations connect with employees and how does the employee feel special as a result?”

To achieve this he believes that HR must align its practices and processes with a focus on achieving the employee feeling special…

…[Employee Engagement] “is not just a programme. It is part of everybody’s day job”

Looking to the future, Dave Millner talked about the move towards Employee Voice or Continuous Listening: Using technological solutions to ask a number of employees maybe a question a month as they enter the office or on their devices. Essentially, a move to Pulse Surveys rather than the laborious yearly event. The idea being to receive and act quickly on ongoing feedback about what it’s like to work here.

Dave concluded by emphasising that the concept of engagement being a 365 day a year activity with the employee as the central reason for doing any activity. Systems and tech solution implementers need to remember this and that Employee Engagement is not just a programme.

tap’d’s Opinion:

We agree with Dave Millner. 2016 needs to be the year that Employee Engagement is not one of the HR strategies: it is THE overarching HR strategy that everything else that is done fits into. Go back to your HR strategy and challenge every activity to determine it is links to improved Employee Engagement which, as we know, produces a more productive workforce, the “holy grail” of HR.

Finally, here’s an idea. We are always renaming our function every few years… Let’s lose Human Resources or Human Capital, let’s be the People Engagement Division!

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