What is an engagement strategy?

The million-dollar question; or is it?
I have been asked this several times recently - what is a true engagement strategy? 
Companies run annual surveys, is that it? Is that engagement? Is that enough?
In simplistic terms your engagement strategy is your People strategy. After all if, as an HR function, we are doing activities that are not linked to improving the engagement of our people, should we be doing them?

Engagement is about stretching the thinking of your senior leaders; ensuring your frontline and middle managers are developing their people to be the best they can be and thus creating productive teams; it’s about building a virtuous circle of continuous listening; it’s about caring for your people and more.
We need to help our leaders to understand what engagement truly is. We need to ensure the people strategy is embedded within the business strategy of an organisation. It’s the only way to drive improved business performance.
Easier said than done?
Come and join us on Thursday the 9th March in London, where we’ll be discussing this very topic at our next Tap’d Solutions Forum. We’re delighted to have Fiona Ryland, HR Director for the UK and Ireland at Compass Group and Liz Macann, former Head of Executive, Leadership and Management Coaching at the BBC, who will be sharing their experiences on how they were able to drive true engagement in their organisations.

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